Language translation APIs

Looking for free alternatives to google translation APIs.

Google translation service is great but it’s a paid service. Today I am looking for free alternatives. Easy to integrate, functional. However this service supports limited set of languages and some languages don’t work and for some languages I encountered exceptions on translating some words, not very complex words.

Extended info on google translate

echo GoogleTranslate::staticTranslate("Hello again", "en", "ka");

Found a post on stackoverflow recommending to look into these, no info if they are free or functional.

Alternatives to Google Translate API:

Microsoft Translator APIs this guy is talking about it with a bit of incomplete example: g-Translator-for-developers.aspx

Speaklite Translate API – this is 6 cents per word. REST interface
WebServiceX Translate API  – limited set of languages. SOAP interface.


MyGengo  – This is super expensive. priced per word, no free nothing.

—— – nonsense. exposes a box for use in web apps.


MyMemory translation: World!&langpair=en|it

You can find the API docs here: Free use is limited to 100 requests/day. 


Summary: no good. will have to pay google translation or pre-build my cache.

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