Thumbnail Images and zoom window

My customer asked to be able to take photos and place 2-3 images into a drill down screen.

How do I do that? no idea.

Started with adding 2 ImageView as containers.

Reading how to use camera in the app.

 <uses-feature android:name="" />

This post has lot of useful info and code

I was able to add ImageView and respond to OnClick. It goes now to my gallery and I can pick an image. Then icon is created and displayed ib my Image View. However I can’t enlarge it.

Reading how to zoom an image. And I need to respond to multitouch ( for zoom)

I didn;t find info about capturing multi-touch. Instead I remembered Chase app that makes people take photos.

Found code that allows selecting from Gallery instead of taking photos. Ok for now.

Found code for zoom. Went with this one and it works. 22:52 pm.

Result: I have two areas inside of Relative Layout. One for MedsBottle and one for Rx.  Two Linear Layouts each with textView, button and ImageView. Also one ImageView outside of LinearLayout will be used as zoom window.

Text is for explanations. Button triggers selecting from gallery. Click on image brings up animation with zoom.

Problems (to do tomorrow) (1)selecting second time barfs out.(2)Turning device loses images. (3)Images are not saved in a database. Enable to save and view later (4) try to take picture rather than select from gallery.





additional info that could become useful

Icon templates and guidelines:

Providing alternate resources for other screen sizes:

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