Getting started with Google Map APIs

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New project has to do with placing markers on a map and managing these markers (add, retrieve, view, update, delete).

I never did a project with maps. So let’s get started.  Starting point is google documentation.

1. Looks like I have to generate a key  that will be used during dev process. And later generate release key.

2. Followed instructions and received a 40 char key for using google map APIs v2 and geolocation API.  This involved creating a project and reading licenses.

3. Next fundamental step is to read about MAP on google play services

My goal is to find a working running example that I can use as a starting point.

4. Before doing step 3 I have to do step  4. Setup google play services sdk

5. Downloaded sample project from google play API.  Running this project requires to put in my own key. 30 min after this still doesn;t run. Research.

HERE: in case of error with the key i have to uninstall and clear data from the device.  Learned hard (semi) way.

Ok, sample project is working. One glitch remains: My location is never initialized. I have to tap my location icon to make it to go where I am otherwise I am in (0, 0).



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