Plan to start iOS development from scratch

I never worked on Mac. I never owned any Apple equipment. I never wrote Java script or Objective C. Not true, I wrote some Java Script 15 years ago and 2 years ago in a class, just a little. I can write Java ok and I worked as developer in C++ 10 years ago. That’s stats. My Business Partner is asking to develop iOS version of the Android app that we did recently. We have to do this on absolutely minimal budget.
Hardware selection: Apple Mini is less cost.
Requirement by Apple: an Intel-based Mac running Snow Leopard or later
I asked for recommendations how much memory is necessary for development. One strong developer came back with 12-16 Gb. Another one said 8Gb or more. And up to date processor, whatever that means.
Newegg has aftermarket memory.
Question 1. Do I need 2 Dimms that are same 4*2 Gb or can keep one from whatever comes with the purchase and buy 1 chip? company called crucial.
Question 2. What connectors I need to connect to VGA, does device have multiple USB ports or I need another splitter? At some reason my existing USB splitter doesn’t see all devices that I stick into it.
Question 3. Can i use my existing external drives?

Will update the post after I figure this out.

BTW this has tutorial for getting started with Objective C

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