Working with Google Map MyLocation

1. Issue. how to delete markers ?

Click on marker shows title and geolocation. Let’s say long click on a map and we’ll check for marker near that (within .02 for example). To delete marker I have to call Marker.clear() or remove(). I don’t have marker object… I can remove all markers and draw remaining ones.


this has good complete code

I found and implemented this code: drag marker to a trash icon. Used this for starting point;



2. Issue. Long click starts drag action. However drag Start message has coordinates that are off from original position. I can’t use these coordinates to snap the marker back in place.
After reading I think I have to maintain HashMap of markers with a key that is key to database entries.

3. Other useful sources:

Bunch of sample code but not clear what for and what’s quality, have to download and see.


4. Marker lifecycle collection of sources.

How to instantiate map after rotation etc


5. Overlays. Not sure if I have to use Overlays. Seems it’s V1. But I will collect sources

6. Google sources

7. Info Window. If I change content of info window during drag- nothing happens.
This might help. InfoWindowAdapter.
Next, this is about creating multiple custom infoWindow . Lot of code.
Next, onMarkerClick show/hide window issues and animaring the camera
Minor next: – post answer to return true if I can

8. Map extensions

9. Draggable marker example

10: cool code to animate the marker from one geopoint to another:

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