I want to see a prompt for my EditText boxes with all strings that user already entered in previous sessions. All these data is captured in my database, that’s not a problem. How to do the UI?

1. I came across this excellent post


That’s it. ¬†Implemented as described without flaws. BTW my style for EditText still applies for


However not as fast. This works on emulator and does absolutely nothing on device. Grrr!!
2. Found this tutorial https://developers.google.com/places/training/autocomplete-android
Will have to read and follow. Oh men..

My quest for a better looking app style

My app has enough functionality but it’s all just thrown together under default styles Theme.Holo.Light.

Feedback is that I had to decide on style and implement it all in one style. What’s available?

1. off topic. recommendation on setting up emulator http://theopentutorials.com/tutorials/android/how-to-create-android-avd-emulator-in-eclipse/

2. Use this for creating button with rounded corners